The Adventures of Gerda in Search of Kai - Andersen Hans Christian

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The Adventures of Gerda in Search of Kai
Andersen Hans Christian

In all the tales of the Danish storyteller H. K. Andersen, goodness, love, fidelity, sincerity win. The heroes of his fairy tales are brave, unsophisticated, therefore, having gone through all sorts of trials, they are enriched with life experience, make many friends, break evil spells and come out victorious.

I really like the fairy tale "The Snow Queen", in which the little girl Gerda fights to free her named brother Kai from the icy hands of the Snow Queen.

Gerda goes looking for Kai after he is kidnapped by the Snow Queen. She has many adventures to go through, but she stubbornly continues to look for her friend, bravely going towards dangers.

At first, Gerda enters the world of a good sorceress, where gardens bloom and birds sing. But Gerda does not need this calm fairy-tale world, she goes further, falling into the winter cold in summer clothes.

On the way, Gerda met a kind raven, who helped her get to the palace, where, quite possibly, Kay lives. But even in the palace, Gerda is disappointed - the bridegroom was not her named brother. Gerda shares her sorrows with the princess. The princess sincerely wants to help

Gerda by offering her riches. But Gerda's heart calls further on the road, so the princess ordered to give Gerda a warm coat, a muff, a hat, horses and a golden carriage, and Gerda sets off again.

When Gerda is riding through the forest, robbers attack the carriage. Everything that the princess gave her is taken away from Gerda. The unbridled little robber, the daughter of the chieftain, listened to the sad story of Gerda. She never knew about such love and fidelity and releases Gerda, giving her her beloved deer, who can deliver the girl to the kingdom of the Snow Queen.

Gerda travels for a long time, her strength is gradually drying up, the northern inhabitants supported the girl in time with a heart full of love and hope.

At the end of the journey, Gerda enters the realm of the Snow Queen. Seeing the indifferent and cold Kai, she rushed to him and wept bitterly. Desperate, hot tears melted a piece of ice in the boy's heart, and the Snow Queen lost her strength and power over the children. Happy Gerda and Kai returned home.

Only perseverance and loyalty helped Gerda to endure all the trials that she had to go through, and selfless love helped bring Kai back to a normal, fulfilling life.