The Snow Queen - Andersen Hans Christian

Essays on literary works - 2023

The Snow Queen
Andersen Hans Christian

On winter nights, when the moon shines brightly in the sky, and the wind howls and whistles outside, bringing confusion to the white swarm of swirling sparkling snowflakes, the Snow Queen from the fairy tale by H. K. Andersen often looks into my window. Her face for a moment clings to the window pane, covered with amazing patterns, and now you can hear how the royal sleigh is moving away, ringing with crystal bells. And I feel uncomfortable and somehow cool even under a warm camel blanket ... No, I'm not afraid, because I know the secret that the icy beauty is so zealously trying to keep, but which the little fragile girl Gerda, fearlessly set off in search of his sworn brother. The name of this secret is Love, and I am glad that Kai's icy heart thawed from Gerda's ardent words, a piece of the devil's mirror fell out of his eye,

I love my parents, grandparents very much, I have many real friends, so I am not afraid of the Snow Queen's spell, no matter how much she looks into my window at night.