Little Robber - Andersen Hans Christian

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Little Robber
Andersen Hans Christian

Gerda met the robbers in the forest after she parted with the prince and princess. At first, the little robber does not cause sympathy. She is very cheeky and capricious. She ordered Gerda to give her favorite boots and a warm muff. She promised to give her to the robbers as soon as Gerda dares to anger her. She teased the poor deer by running a sharp knife along its neck.

But gradually you begin to understand that the little robber is not so bad. On the contrary, she is capable of sympathy, although she does not want to look kind. And her cheeky behavior is just the influence of the environment in which the girl grew up.

Hearing Gerda's story about her adventures and love for Kai, who is in trouble, the little robber does not skimp on kindness. She releases the reindeer, who is supposed to take Gerda to Lapland. She returns warm boots to the girl and even gives her mother huge, warm mittens. She supplies Gerda with bread and ham so that she does not starve on the road.

Is it possible after this to call the little robber evil and callous, as she seems at the beginning of the tale? No and no again! Only a person with a good heart can show such sympathy for someone else's misfortune.