My impressions of the fairy tale by G. K. Andersen “The Snow Queen” - Andersen Hans Christian

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My impressions of the fairy tale by G. K. Andersen “The Snow Queen”
Andersen Hans Christian

I really liked G. K. Andersen's fairy tale "The Snow Queen". It tells about how childhood love and sincere friendship helped to dispel the evil spell of the cruel mistress of the snow kingdom. A small piece of ice that got into Kai's eye made the boy angry and cruel. He began to quarrel with Gorda, and his heart became deaf to someone else's grief. Therefore, he became an easy prey for the Snow Queen, who decided to take the boy forever and settle him far away from his father's house. But Gerda did not want to give her friend to the evil queen. She went through all the trials that fate sent her. Overcoming obstacles, she reached a cold country.

Only a kind heart, sincere feelings helped the girl get to the kingdom. Everyone who met her tried to help, support her.

This story taught me a lot. Evil and cruel people cannot have friends, it is difficult for them to communicate with others. They are feared, they are not trusted, they try to avoid them. People say: "Many friends - few problems." Only friends will always come to the rescue.

Sometimes it becomes annoying when a friend betrays. But in the fairy tale "The Snow Queen" it is friendship that helps the girl find Kai and melt his heart. When Kai felt that Gerda was crying on his chest, he seemed to wake up from a long and cold sleep. I saw that I was in an unfamiliar place, among beautiful but cold blocks of ice. And again, friendship helped two friends - they were able to defeat the evil Snow Queen and get home. And at home, they again began to admire their wonderful roses, which they had grown together. And the flowers bloomed even better, since it is friendship and mutual assistance that become the basis for a happy life.