The Power of Loyal Love and Friendship - Andersen Hans Christian

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The Power of Loyal Love and Friendship
Andersen Hans Christian

Fairy tales by X. K. Andersen are known and loved by all children. They miraculously intertwine two worlds - the real and the magical.

Most of all I like his fairy tale "The Snow Queen". It tells about the girl Gerda and the boy Kaya, who lived in the neighborhood and often visited each other. They had such a devoted friendship that they considered themselves brother and sister.

When misfortune happened and Kai disappeared, bewitched by the Snow Queen, Gerda did not believe the rumors about his death, did not despair and decided to find the boy. Little Gerda had to overcome many difficulties. On her way, she met a cunning old witch, and evil robbers, she had to freeze and starve, but a loving heart showed the girl the way. The responsiveness and kindness of Gerda touched animals, people, and plants.

During the journey, she made many faithful and good friends: the prince and princess, talking crows, reindeer.

As a result, the girl reached the ice palace of the Snow Queen, found her named brother and melted the ice in his heart with her hot tears. Kai recognized Gerda, and they safely got home to their old grandmother.

I believe that the fairy tale teaches us to be kind, sensitive, humane, to believe in faithful friendship and always help each other in trouble.