Fearless Gerda - Andersen Hans Christian

Essays on literary works - 2023

Fearless Gerda
Andersen Hans Christian

Surely there are no people in the world who, in childhood (and many even as adults) would not like to read fairy tales, would not admire the strength, dexterity, resourcefulness of fearless and invincible heroes. However, we are used to fighting evil, risking our own lives, and in the end, the mighty hero, the prince in love, or, at worst, the quick-witted Ivanushka the Fool, wins. But here we have the fairy tale of X. K. Andersen "The Snow Queen". And what do we see? The main character is a small, tender, fragile girl who turned out to be able not only to resist the spells of the cold and beautiful Snow Queen, but also to destroy her palace, rescuing her named brother Kai from trouble. What kind of trials did not fall to the lot of Gerda, what kind of obstacles did she not overcome during her long and dangerous wanderings. Any difficulties were on the shoulder of this tireless traveler, because faith, hope and love lived in her heart. She managed to go where, perhaps, even the illustrious knight would retreat. I think this fairy tale teaches us that even the small and weak will always be able to achieve their goal if they believe in their own strength and loyalty to the chosen goals.