The Ugly Duckling - Andersen Hans Christian

Essays on literary works - 2023

The Ugly Duckling
Andersen Hans Christian

I really liked this tale. This fairy tale is vital, from it you can take a lot of useful things for yourself.

When I read the fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling" I remembered my school years. Until the eighth grade, I was an “ugly duckling” in my class, I didn’t communicate much with my classmates, I was more often alone at breaks, many boys laughed at me that I was a “stutterer”. In general, she closed herself in, lived at school in her loneliness.

But when the lesson was going on, it used to be that I wanted to answer verbally, but alas, there was not enough time to listen to me while I stammered there, most often I answered in writing in the lessons or left after the lesson; Since childhood, I have always envied people who can say so many words in one minute, but I can’t, because I am a “stuttering person”, which always has to be hard to listen to. It happened that you raised your hand during the lesson to answer, the teachers would ask and at that time classmates all raise their eyes and there was thunderous silence in the class, and I began to speak, of course my speech was stammering, but somewhere in the direction of ridicule, and the teacher was already looking displeased at me: "Here they say you take time away from the lesson." Of course, I understand them, and they are somewhat right. And then I so wanted to be like everyone else, and not a silent “ugly duckling” sitting away from others. In high school, everything was different, everything became much better, I forgot what loneliness is, Irina appeared, she understood me like no one else, we became very close friends. Yes, and speech gradually became better. My speech is now jumping like waves over the seas, now with great hesitation, now with great success.

This tale teaches us to never forget about people who are sick or ugly and not drive them into loneliness.