What does Andersen's fairy tale “The Snow Queen” teach you? - Andersen Hans Christian

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What does Andersen's fairy tale “The Snow Queen” teach you?
Andersen Hans Christian

We know that in fairy tales, Good wins over Evil. But this Evil in a fairy tale still needs to be recognized, because outwardly it can be very beautiful, attractive, even seem unsurpassed in its perfection.

The Snow Queen is equally wonderful - brilliantly white, beautiful, strong, intelligent. Next to her, Kaeva wants to brag about her knowledge, not to be afraid of anything. Kai forgets his grandmother, his friend Gerda, their favorite roses. Why are they to him - they have so many small flaws and shortcomings: the grandmother is already old and walks with a cane, Gerda is poorly dressed, the roses have a crooked stem... Snowflakes, these little cold stars on the blue background of the coat, are another matter. They are so perfect in their beauty!

But such changes with Kai happened only because a splinter from a mirror made by an evil troll got into his eye and into his heart. The eyes began to see only poorly, and the heart became cold, indifferent, angry. Kai almost died when he was kissed by the Snow Queen. This means that a person almost died in it.

Evil can also hide under the mask of ordinary selfishness. Do you remember this kind grandmother who, just for the sake of personal entertainment, kept the girl with her, tried to erase the memory of Kai?

And little Gerda, an ordinary girl, thanks to her love and friendship, became really strong and invincible. Remember, the old Finn told the deer that she could not make Gerda stronger than she was. Gerda will walk barefoot halfway around the world, she will not regret to give her only value to the river - her red shoes, she will not stay in the luxurious palace of the princess. And the most important thing is that she won't even reproach Kaeva when she hears that he is said to have married. She will continue to believe that he remembers her and will definitely get to the gate.

It is this power of loyalty and love that will melt away the cruelty that has already fallen to

the heart of Little Thief, and the terrible ice of narcissism of Kai poisoned by mirror shards.

We again give preference to the Good, that is, to the true spiritual beauty of a person.