Adventures of Gerda in search of Kai - Andersen Hans Christian

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Adventures of Gerda in search of Kai
Andersen Hans Christian

The right to happiness can be earned only by true selflessness and true love.

H. K. Andersen

I really like the fairy tales of the Danish storyteller H.K. Andersen. I always admire the heroes of these fairy tales, good and honest, courageous and brave, brave and courageous.

I especially like the fairy tale "The Snow Queen" and its heroine - little Gerda, who fights to free her named brother Kai from the evil spell of the Snow Queen.

The Snow Queen kidnapped Kai. The desire to find and save him forces Gerda to set off. In search of a friend, Gerdy had to go through many adventures. While searching for Kai, Gerda ends up in the house of a good sorceress. The grandmother wanted to keep the girl, but Gerda leaves the hospitable house with a beautiful garden to continue the search for Kai. she is not stopped even by the fact that she is dressed in a summer style, and it is already late autumn outside. Gerda meets a good raven. He helps the girl get into the palace. She thinks that the princess's fiance is her Kai. Brave Gerda is not afraid to go into the princess's bedroom at night to find out about Kai. But she was not lucky: there was no Kai in the palace. Failure did not stop Gerda. A courageous girl wants to continue the search for her friend. Gerdy does not need honors and wealth. She will not give up Kai for this. After learning about the sad story of Gerda, the princess ordered to give her a warm fur coat, a cap, a muff, horses and a golden carriage. Now Gerda could drive on. But robbers attacked the carriage in the forest. Gerda is saved by a small robber, the daughter of the chieftain. The wayward, untamed little robber was not left indifferent by the fate of Gerda. She releases her beloved deer with Gerda to take the girl to the North, to the kingdom of the Snow Queen.

On the way, Gerdy is helped by northerners: a Laplander and a Finn. But, when the deer asked the Finn to help Gerda, to give heroic strength to the girl who was exhausted, the wise Finn shook her head and said: "The strength of a dozen heroes is in her heart." Gerda's heart was full of love for Kai. And this gave her the strength to continue her search.

Gerda, tired, exhausted, enters the kingdom of the Snow Queen. Here she sees Kai, but a cold and indifferent Kai, with a hardened heart. Gerda rushed to him and wept bitterly. her hot tears melted the ice in the boy's heart. The Snow Queen lost her power and authority over him. Gerda saved Kai. Together they traveled home.

Everyone Gerda met wanted to help the little girl who was not afraid of anything in her path. Gerda's love awakened good feelings in the souls of all people who met her, flowers, birds and animals. Gerda's selfless love was so strong that it overcame the most difficult obstacles, defeated Kai's mental coldness, and destroyed the Snow Queen's spell.