The image of Gerda in Andersen's fairy tale “The Snow Queen” - Andersen Hans Christian

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The image of Gerda in Andersen's fairy tale “The Snow Queen”
Andersen Hans Christian

The best are the fairy tales that are remembered for a long time. "The Snow Queen" by H.-K. was such a fairy tale for me. Andersen I especially liked the main character of the fairy tale - Gerda. This kind, intelligent and clever girl attracted my attention with her behavior. When her friend was in trouble, she came to his aid. Only true friends do that. They do not abandon their comrades in bad times.

Children played together all their free time, grew wonderful roses on the windowsill. They found beauty in ordinary things, because they were poor. Winter fun was the best gift in life for them. And the children did not think at all that winter would separate them. Or rather, the Snow Queen, who froze Kai's heart and took it with her.

Gerda waited for Kai all winter. She hoped, believed that he would return. At the end of winter, the girl realized that her friend needed help. After all, he never left her alone, they were always together. Then Gerda herself decided to travel the world, just to find the neighbor boy Kai.

Gerda's journey in search of Kai contained many interesting adventures. The girl behaved politely with the old sorceress, with the prince and princess, with the robbers, with the old Lapland woman and even with the family of crows. Her benevolence, belief in victory over the Snow Queen helped her achieve her goal. Kai was saved.

I remembered the image of Gerda for a long time. It is necessary to do good under any conditions, and then people will also treat you kindly.