My impression of H.K. Andersen's fairy tale “The Snow Queen”) - Andersen Hans Christian

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My impression of H.K. Andersen's fairy tale “The Snow Queen”)
Andersen Hans Christian

I'm fascinated. I love fairy tales in general, and here there are several at once in one - and all of them are different.

Here is a magical tale about an evil troll who, together with his henchmen, created this terrible mirror, which later destroyed more than one human life. And nearby is a folk tale about a boy and a girl who, because of their poverty, had no place on earth to play. And their garden was a small box with roses. And then there will be an adventurous tale about the terrible adventures that will prevent Gerdy from finding his named brother: there will be princes and robbers, princesses and little robbers... In short, fairy tales for every taste under one cover. Such a fascinating book!

But it also attracts with its characters. To be honest, I don't really like Kai. Because he is not a very good person from the very beginning. That is why the shards of the mirror entered his eye and heart so easily. I don't really like Gerda either, although she attracts almost all hearts. I was most impressed by the grandmother who cast a spell for her own comfort. All other characters are simple and clear - what they want and why they are like that. And this grandmother... As if she didn't want to harm anyone, but how many things she did! She even hid the live flowers under the ground. As in the grave - alive. And most importantly, it entered the human consciousness. How did she make these terrible zombies out of a girl. It is not known if it is the first time... She looks pleasant and hospitable, but in reality she is worse than a cannibal: the former dismembered the body, and the former the soul. What a terrible thing it turns out to be - one's own comfort and lack of understanding,

And I also like this fairy tale with its good humor. Even the Snow Queen is portrayed as a bit funny with her arrogance and listening to what people say about her. And crows, robbers - you just laugh to tears!

But this fairy tale has a significant drawback: it still ended. And that's a shame. It is not known what will happen to the main characters. Will they get married? They will live long, and the most important event of life is far behind. And suddenly one day everything will seem fresh to them, and they will go looking for adventure to their misfortune? Or maybe everything will be different: they will live so long that he will forget how she saved him and will demand that she bring him slippers. And she will forget about her exploits - and bring. But for now, they are still small, and their whole lives are ahead of them. So let them be worthy of everything that little Gerda did.