Heroes of Byron's works on the example of the poem “You ended the path of life, hero!” - Lord George Gordon Byron

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Heroes of Byron's works on the example of the poem “You ended the path of life, hero!”
Lord George Gordon Byron

George Gordon Byron, the great English poet, is known all over the world as a freedom singer. His freedom-loving poetry always met with a response in the hearts of the progressive people of that time. In his works, Byron portrayed the seekers of truth and justice. The poet rebelled against the power that suppressed the personality, and sang the courage and greatness of the human spirit.

The heroes of Byron's works are people with great willpower, with great courage and heroism, they are always ready to take on a feat for the sake of their homeland. Such is the protagonist of the poem "You ended the path of life, hero!". The author sings of the feat of a man who not only dedicated his life to his homeland, but also died for it. “Now your glory will begin ...” - the poet claims, because “the image is majestic” and the courage of the great hero will not be erased from the memory of people:

* As long as your people are free,

* He cannot forget you.

The life of the hero-liberator left its majestic mark in the world, because his righteous deed did not end with death. The feat breathed new strength and courage into the hearts of friends and like-minded people:

* You fell! But your blood flows

* Not on the ground, but in our veins;

* Inhale powerful courage

* Your feat should be in our chest.

With his courage, the hero gave people faith, hope, gave them strength for further struggle. And his greatness and glory spread everywhere and cast fear on the enemies of his beloved homeland:

* We will make the enemy turn pale,

* If we call you in the middle of the battle.

The hero died, but he continues to live in the memory of the people he liberated and in the "songs of the saint's homeland." The author exalts his feat, it makes us imbued with respect and admiration for the greatness of the human spirit. After all, such feats can survive centuries and inspire young hearts to heroic deeds in the name of their people.