Matthew Cuthbert - “Anne of Green Gables” by L. M. Montgomery

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Matthew Cuthbert - “Anne of Green Gables” by L. M. Montgomery

A thorough character analysis of Matthew Cuthbert in L. M. Montgomery's "Anne of Green Gables"

The beloved coming-of-age book "Anne of Green Gables" by L. M. Montgomery presents readers to the endearing and inventive Anne Shirley. Even while Anne is unquestionably the main character, Matthew Cuthbert also has a significant impact on the story. Despite his seemingly unchanging personality, Matthew is an intriguing character who greatly to the overall complexity of the narrative. In-depth examination of Matthew Cuthbert's type, role, background, personality traits, relationships, actions, conflicts, growth, and significance within the book will all be covered in this analysis.

Determine the Type of Character

One could classify Matthew Cuthbert as a stagnant character. Throughout the narrative, his fundamental traits and attributes largely stay the same. Though he goes through minor emotional and perspective changes, they are not as noticeable as they are in dynamic characters. But Matthew's consistency doesn't make him any less significant in the story—rather, it gives the plot a solid and trustworthy foundation.

Consider the Character's Place in the Narrative

In "Anne of Green Gables," Matthew Cuthbert plays a supporting part. Despite not being the main character, he plays a crucial role in determining Anne's fate and greatly enhances the emotional richness of the book. Anne finds the security and unwavering affection she so sorely needs from Matthew, who is her kind and silent pillar of support.

Analyze the Past of the Character

The story is deeply entwined with the background of Matthew Cuthbert. He lives on the Green Gables farm with Marilla Cuthbert, who is his older brother. The story begins when the siblings—who are first shown as an elderly, single couple—decide to adopt Anne, an orphan. Matthew's life on the farm and his upbringing in the country have shaped him into a reticent but kind person.

Examine the Personality Traits of the Character

Matthew's shyness and introversion are his defining characteristics. Matthew is kind, sensitive, and a little awkward around people, in contrast to his strict and pragmatic sister Marilla. But beneath his reserved demeanor lies a vast reservoir of understanding and sensitivity. Matthew's kindness for Anne and his readiness to defy social expectations in order to welcome her into their household demonstrate his innate goodness.

Assess the Characters' Interactions

The most important relationship Matthew has is with Anne, with whom he instantly bonds deeply. Mutual understanding, trust, and a shared sense of loneliness serve as the foundation for their relationship. Anne starts to see Matthew as a substitute father figure who gives her the approval and emotional support she needs. His bond with Marilla is particularly remarkable because they both have complementary personalities and give Anne a secure home environment.

Examine the Behavior of the Character

Matthew's deeds bear witness to his altruism and compassion. He hesitates at first to adopt Anne, but he soon turns into her defender and supporter. One of the most important scenes in the book is when Matthew, against his comfort level and in order to show Anne how much he cares, buys her a dress with puffy sleeves. This acts as a symbol of his abiding affection and dedication to Anne's well-being.

Determine the Conflicts of the Character

Matthew's guarded demeanor and awkward social situations are the main sources of his inner turmoil. When he adopts Anne, against society's expectations of an older bachelor, there is an external conflict. The fallout from this choice deepens Matthew's character and causes conflict in the neighborhood.

Evaluate the Character's Development or Evolution

Although Matthew's demeanor stays mostly unchanged, his relationship with Anne is changing, which shows emotional maturity. His level of attachment grows more evident, and he feels more at ease expressing his emotions. Matthew's development is modest but noteworthy, demonstrating the transformational force of acceptance and love.

Use Proof to Back Up Your Analysis

There are several instances in the book that demonstrate Matthew's character. As an illustration of his compassionate nature, Matthew at first reticent about Anne when she first comes at Green Gables but soon warms up to her: "Matthew was not used to deciding on the spur of the moment; and, in a conflict of emotions, he decided for the moment to postpone decision."

A further example of his affection for Anne is the dress he bought with puffed sleeves: "Matthew, with a sigh of satisfaction, put the neatly folded dress and slip into a cardboard box." These and other incidents offer specific illustrations to back up the character analysis of Matthew.

Determine the Significance of the Character

In summary, Matthew Cuthbert is a crucial character in "Anne of Green Gables." He is a key character in the novel's emotional landscape despite being static in his fundamental nature because of his calm strength, generosity, and unfailing support. The main themes of love, acceptance, and the transforming potential of human connection are furthered by Matthew's interactions with other characters, his deeds, and his role as Anne's surrogate father. His persona adds depth to the story, making an enduring impression on readers and securing his status as a well-liked literary character.