The uses of literature - Italo Calvino 1986

The uses of literature - Italo Calvino 1986

Cybernetics and Ghosts

Two Interviews on Science and Literature

Philosophy and Literature

Literature as Projection of Desire

Definitions of Territories: Comedy

Definitions of Territories: Eroticism

Definitions of Territories: Fantasy

Cinema and the Novel: Problems of Narrative

Whom Do We Write For? or The Hypothetical Bookshelf

Right and Wrong Political Uses of Literature

Levels of Reality in Literature

Why Read the Classics?

The Odysseys Within the Odyssey

Ovid and Universal Contiguity

The Structure of Orlando Furioso

Candide: An Essay in Velocity

The City as Protagonist in Balzac

The Novel as Spectacle

Manzoni’s The Betrothed: The Novel of Ratios of Power

On Fourier, I: Brief Introduction to the Society of Love

On Fourier, II: The Controller of Desires

On Fourier, III: Envoi: A Utopia of Fine Dust

Guide to The Charterhouse of Parma for the Use of New Readers

Stendhal’s Knowledge of the “Milky Way”

Montale’s Rock

The Pen in the First Person

The Bestiary of Marianne Moore

Man, the Sky, and the Elephant

Cyrano on the Moon

By Way of an Autobiography