Introducing Shakespeare: A Graphic Guide - Nick Groom, Piero 2013

Introducing Shakespeare: A Graphic Guide - Nick Groom, Piero 2013

Identifying Shakespeare

Born on St George’s Day

Family Ambitions

Debts and Troubles

School Days

Lost Years


The Hireling Actor

The Influence of Acting on Writing

The Hireling Playwright

Elizabethan Theatre Work

London Life

Shakespeare’s Facility of Expression

Shakespeare’s English History

Henry VI

The Hireling Poet

The Spelling of “Shak(e)speare”

An Upstart Crow

Kit Marlowe


Shaxpier Gains Success

Published Plays

Comparing the Bad Quarto of Hamlet

Hamlet’s Revision

A “Personal” Hamlet?

The Original or “Ur-Hamlet”

The Essex Rebellion

Changing Fortunes



Early Myths of Shakespeare’s Life

Shakespeare the Entrepreneur

A Gentrified Shakespeare

The Bard’s Relics

Manuscripts and Shakespeare’s Books

Souvenirs and National Heritage

Natural Genius

Shakespeare’s Sources

“By the dim light of Nature”

A Peculiarly English Freedom

A Gothic and Sublime Genius

The Splendours of Shakespeare

The Rise of Shakespeare’s Popularity

18th-Century Editions

Subsequent Tonson Editions

The Shakespeare Apocrypha

Cardenio, or The Double Falsehood

18th-Century Miscellany

Preposterous Facts and Scholarly Scepticism

Biographical Fact and Fiction

Inventions of Anecdotes

The Sonnets as Autobiography

Shakespeare’s “Confessions”?

Mr W.H

Oscar Wilde’s Solution

The Dark Lady

“Lust in Action” …

Romantic Poets

Romantic Hamlets

Shelley and Byron Discuss Hamlet …

Romantic versus Modernist Hamlets

From “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”

Shakespeare Everywhere

The Biographical Pattern

The Merger of Life and Drama

The Scholarly Project

Rejects from the Canon

Theatrical Traditions

The Curse of Macbeth

A National Theatre

The Modernist Approach

Multi-media Shakespeare

Unearthing the Rose Theatre

Rebuilding the Globe Theatre

Shakespeare in Cinema

The Spectrum of Shakespeare Films

Cinematic and TV Adaptations

Shakespeare on a Global Scale


The World’s Compulsory Author

The Englishness of Shakespeare?

Is there a German Shakespeare?

And Now a European Shakespeare?

The Criticism of Close Reading

Mouthpiece of the Conservative Establishment

The Political Misuse of Shakespeare

New Historicism

Cultural Materialism

The Late Capitalist Show

Post-Colonial Criticism

Shakespeare’s Views on Race?

Feminist Criticism

Twentieth-Century Feminist Criticism

The Gender Question

Queer Theory

Psychoanalytic Criticism

Authorship Controversy

Shakespeare Gets his Bacon

Other Bacon Partisans

Decoding Shakespeare

Cryptograms, Ciphers and Acrostics

The Oxford Controversy — and Looney Tunes

And So, in Conclusion

The Editing of Shakespeare’s Texts

Chronology of Shakespeare’s Plays and Poems

Selected Bibliography