Unutterable Horror - A History of Supernatural Fiction - S. T. Joshi 2014

Unutterable Horror - A History of Supernatural Fiction - S. T. Joshi 2014

Volume 1: From Gilgamesh to the End of the Nineteenth Century




Supernaturalism in Greek Literature

Supernaturalism in Latin Literature

The Middle Ages and the Elizabethans

Milton and the Eighteenth Century

The Gothics

Types of Gothic Fiction

The Historical Supernatural

The Explained Supernatural

The Byronic Gothic

The Christian Supernatural

The Theory of the Gothic

The Nature of Gothic Fiction


Supernaturalism in the Romantic Poets

German Grotesque

The Weird Short Story

French Supernaturalism

Anticipations of Poe: Washington Irving

Edgar Allan Poe

Poe and the Gothics

Theory and Practice

Death as Threshold

Supernatural and Non-Supernatural Revenge

Fantasy and Science

The Longer Tales


Mid-Victorian Horrors

Christian Supernaturalism

High and Low

Occasional Supernaturalism

The Americans

French and German Supernaturalism

Irish Gothic: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

The Deluge: British and European Branch

Ghosts and More Ghosts

Horrors in the Mainstream

Between the Genres

French Horror

Slumming with Stoker and Others

The Deluge: American Branch

The East Coast School

The West Coast School



Bibliographical Essay


Volume 2: The Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries


The Titans

Arthur Machen: The Evils of Materialism

Algernon Blackwood: Nature as God and Refuge

Lord Dunsany: Fantasy and Terror

M. R. James: The Pinnacle of the Ghost Story

Other Early Twentieth-Century Masters

The Evolution of the Ghost Story

Walter de la Mare: The Psychological Ghost Story

Other British Masters

The American School

Novelists, Satirists, and Poets

William Hope Hodgson: Things in the Weeds

The Horror Novel

Horror and Satire

Horror and the Mainstream

Some Europeans

The Development of Weird Poetry

H. P. Lovecraft and His Influence

Lovecraft and the Pulps

The Life of a Dreamer

The Theory of the Weird Tale

The Lovecraft Mythos

Characteristics of Lovecraft’s Work

Borderline Weirdists: Howard, Smith, Merritt

Disciples: Long, Derleth, Wandrei, and Others

The Poetry of the Lovecraft Circle

American Pulpsmiths

Weird Tales, Unknown, and Other Pulps

The Mixing of Genres: Moore, Kuttner, Bloch, Leiber

Horror at Midcentury

The Group: Bradbury, Matheson, Beaumont, Nolan

Some Short Story Writers

Some Novelists

Domestic Horror: Shirley Jackson

Anticipations of the Boom

Throwbacks: Russell, Kirk, Brennan, Walter, Du Maurier

Looking Ahead: Dahl, Grubb, Serling, Case

Robert Aickman’s “Strange Stories”

Some Novelists: Sturgeon, Wilson, Davies, Levin, Stewart

The Boom: The Blockbusters

A Disquisition on Bestsellerdom

The Breakthrough: Blatty and Tryon

The Bestseller Factory: Stephen King

Successors to the King

Vampires and More Vampires

Horrors from the Mainstream

The British Invasion

Splatterpunk and Its Antecedents

The Bridge: Peter Straub

The Boom: The Literati

Ramsey Campbell: Horrors of the City

Other Short Story Masters

Mainstream Horror

More Vampires

Some Other Tale-Spinners

The Contemporary Era

The Blockbusters Resume

The Literati Continue

Caitlín R. Kiernan: Prose-Poet of the Lost

Still More Vampires

The British School

The American School


Bibliographical Essay