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JIANG HE, PEN NAME OF YU YOUZE (1949— ). Poet. One of the main Misty poets, Jiang He grew up in Beijing and was sent to the countryside in 1968 after graduating from high school. His first published poem, “Xingxing bianzouqu” (The Star Variations), is considered one of the representative poems of the 1980s, when he and his fellow poets energized the Chinese literary scene with their innovative style. These poems embodied the national consciousness and commanded public attention. Jiang’s poetry represents his generation’s understanding of the enlightened self and gives expression to its sense of mission. He shows in his verses a strong awareness of historical imperatives, creating some of the best-remembered political lyrics from that period, including “Jinianbei” (Monument) and the epic “Taiyang he ta de fanguang” (The Sun and Its Reflection), projecting the self onto the image of the nation through history, myths, and legends. Jiang He has been living in the United States since 1988.