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ZHANG XIN (1954— )
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ZHANG XIN (1954— ). Fiction writer. A member of the Guangzhou Literary Writing and Research Institute and a graduate of the Writers Workshop at Beijing University, Zhang Xin began publishing short stories and novellas in the late 1970s. A popular writer whose work depicts life and work of women, mostly professional women in the southern coastal cities, Zhang has received several awards for her stories and her collection of novellas. Buyao wen wo cong nali lai (Don’t Ask Me Where I Come From) has won the Lu Xun Literature Award. Among her other publications are Ai you ruhe (What about Love), “Fuhua beihou” (Behind the Glamour), “Touru juese” (Getting into the Role), “Yongyuan de paihuai” (The Everlasting Hesitation), and “Juefei ouran” (Certainly Not Coincidence), all romantic tales of young women in contemporary urban China. See also WOMEN.