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ZHANG DACHUN, A.K.A., CHANG TA-CH’UN (1957— ). Fiction writer and essayist. Zhang Dachun studied at Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan and worked as a journalist for the China Times. A popular writer and celebrity in Taiwan, Zhang has published numerous books and won several awards. His oeuvre ranges from political thrillers to detective mysteries, including Gongyu daoyou (Apartment Tour Guide), and the science fiction work, Shijian zhou (Axis of Time). Zhang is also an astute cultural commentator whose portraits of rebellious teenagers in stories such as “My Kid Sister” and “Wild Child” strike a chord in present-day society where dysfunctional families abound. Zhang’s wry wit aptly captures the insanities of the modern youth culture in the tradition of J. D. Salinger. With his seemingly indifferent playfulness and humorous tone, Zhang subverts mainstream views by pointing out the disintegration of fibers that are supposed to tie society together and by so doing registers his deep disapproval of the political and social realities of contemporary Taiwan. In addition to his writing career, Zhang is also a television anchor and radio talk show host.