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YI SHU, PEN NAME OF NI YISHU (1946— ). Romance writer. Born in Shanghai, Yi Shu, younger sister of science fiction writer Ni Kuang, moved with her family to Hong Kong at the age of two. At 15, she was already a published author whose stories appeared in the literary supplements of local newspapers. After graduating from high school, Yi Shu worked as a journalist and editor for a movie magazine. In 1973, she went to England to study hotel management. After she returned to Hong Kong, she worked for a hotel and later for the Hong Kong government. Seven years later, she quit her job and moved to Canada. Yi Shu specializes in popular love stories. Some of her romantic tales have been turned into films. Among her numerous books are Meigui de gushi (The Story of Rose) and Zhao hua xi shi (Morning Flowers Gathered at Dawn). See also WOMEN.