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WANG XIAOYING (1947— ). Fiction writer. Born in Zhejiang Province, Wang Xiaoying spent several years on a tea farm in Anhui as an educated youth. She entered East China Normal University in 1978 to study Chinese literature. Upon graduation, she was assigned to work as an editor for a Shanghai literary journal. Since 1985, she has been a member of the Shanghai Writers’ Association. Her major works include the novellas Xinghe (The Milky Way), Suiyue youyou (Times in the Past), and Yilu fengchen (A Journey of Hardships), and the novels Ni weishui bianhu (Whom Are You Defending), Wemen cengjing xiangai (Once Upon a Time We Were in Love), and Danqing yin (Inspired by Art). Wang’s style of writing is realistic and her works primarily deal with contemporary life, issues such as love, marriage, and work, as well as changes in human relationships during the age of globalization. See also WOMEN.