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SHU TING (1952— )
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SHU TING (1952— ). Born in Fujian, Shu Ting rose to fame in the early 1980s as the most prominent female poet among the Misty poets. Shu began to write in the years of the Cultural Revolution when she was working among peasants. Compared with the poems written by other Misty poets, her work is much more accessible and less abstruse. Shuangwei chuan (The Double-masted Boat), Hui changge de yiweihua (The Singing Iris), and Shizuniao (Archaeopteryx) are some of her poetry collections. She has also published several collections of essays.

For her association with the underground literary journal Jintian (Today), Shu came under attack during the Antispiritual Pollution Campaign in the late 1980s. While many other Misty poets have left China and obtained foreign citizenships, Shu has remained in China. See also WOMEN.