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PING LU (1953— )
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PING LU (1953— ). Fiction writer. Born in Gaoxiong, Taiwan, Ping Lu studied psychology at National Taiwan University and statistics at the University of Iowa. While working as a statistician for the United States Postal Service, Ping published stories in Taiwanese newspapers. One short story, “Yumi tian zhi si” (Death in a Cornfield), won first prize in a fiction competition sponsored by the United Daily News. Ping has worked as editor and professor of journalism and creative writing in Taiwan, and since 2002 she has been living in Hong Kong. Of her prose fiction, the 1995 novel Xing dao tianya (Marriage Made in Revolution), about Sun Yat-sen and Song Qingling, and her 2002 novel about the pop singer Deng Lijun, are the best known.