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LÜ LUN, PEN NAME OF LI LINFENG (1911— ). Born into a sailor’s family in Hong Kong, Lü Lun participated in the Northern Expedition. After he returned to Hong Kong, he began to publish essays and short stories in local newspapers. When the film industry moved to Hong Kong as Japan invaded Shanghai, Lü Lun began to write screenplays, producing films with such household names as Chun can hua wei luo (Flowers Still in Bloom when Spring Ends), Xian duan qii zhong (Broken Strings End the Song), Pengmen shunü (Lady from a Humble Abode), and Dadi de ernü (Sons and Daughters of the Land). When Japan occupied Hong Kong, Lü Lun fled to Guangdong and spent three years teaching at an elementary school. When Japan surrendered, he returned to Hong Kong and continued to work in the newspaper industry.

As a native Hong Kong writer, Lü lun devoted his talents to depicting his city and its residents. An eyewitness to Hong Kong’s changes in the 20th century, Lü provides valuable insights into the soul of the city.